Thursday 10 January 2019

Marijuana Vs. Hemp CBD

CBD is something that’s naturally occurring in marijuana, with the only difference being the main amounts of THC that each of these plants have. Those that are hemp derived tend to have less than .3% THC inside of them, when marijuana CBD does have above that. Both marijuana and CBD are from the same plant, which is cannabis sativa, and it’s something that develops both of these compounds, along with cannabinoids, flavonoids, or terpenes. 

Marijuana CBD 

This is something that breeders have managed to master. They’ve created cannabis strains with different THC levels, and some varieties of this sometimes have almost no CBD within these so over the last couple of decades, various strains with higher CBD levels have become a major focus as the cannabinoid demand has increased, and cannabis has been something that offer less intoxicating results to it. 

CBD den’s bind to both the CB1 and the CB2 receptors, and it does have a much lower affinity to these receptors, so it’ll block these receptors, but it does reduce the uptake that anandamide has, and that means that there is more within the body for that. 

CBD is also known as allosteric modulator of the delta and mu opioid receptors, which are inverses of the 5-HT1A receptors, and they also are agonists o the peroxisome receptors, which means that it will turn down different pain receptors, and different volumes through the modulation of opioids, and it boosts mood through interacting with different receptors, and then reduces inflammation through the interactions for this. 

The uses and benefits 

CBD in cannabis does have different benefit sot help with a variety of different problems, which include the following: 

  • Boosts mood, especially in those who have depression, anxiety, and also PTSD too 

  • Helps with pain, especially neuropathic pain 

  • Fights inflammation and reduces various stressors, which is good for arthritis and other inflammatory conditions. 

  • Reduces the levels of glucose in the body, which makes I vital as well for diabetes and weight problems 

With CBD, there are a ton of different benefits that come with this, including those that are the same level of CBD to THC, and otherwise. There are tons of ratios too which are more CBD focused which are good for those who refuse to use something psychoactive. 

The cannabis with CBD in it also has a ton of Phyto cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes that work together to reduce inflammation, and also signal the entourage effect that comes with this. The lower dosages of this might be necessary though, especially when you do make sure to use it with other cannabinoids. The biggest drawbacks to this is that it’s not availible everywhere, is federally illegal, and there are some with a sensitivity to this. 

What about Hemp 

Hemp CBD basically uses purely CBD, with almost no THC in it, and is  typically called hemp. It also may have CBN or CBG in it, but every single version of this is pretty unique. It pretty much works the same way that the CBD from we3ed does, but it’s not as intoxicating, and it doesn’t include various other cannabinoids, and there are both broad-spectrum and full-spectrums of hemp products, and it’s something that’s also used to treat seizures, and improve moods, fight inflammation in he body, and also improves sleep too. 

This is one that’s better for those who are interested in making sure that they don’t have the psychoactive results from this, but bear in mind that it may have some slight side effects too, including drowsiness that’s there in some cases too.

Wednesday 7 February 2018

What are THC Strips

If you’re used to edibles and bongs, you may have wondered if there are other ways to use THC. Well, THC strips is one way to do this, since it’s an alternative to the sublingual extracts and oils, and they do offer a rapid set of effects that makes them almost better than edibles. This is perfect for those who want a lot of THC, but also want it fast too. 

These strips are tiny little films that dissolve under your tongue, with each one containing a small amount of different THC and other flavorings, with some also containing CBD as well. 

The potency of this does vary, but most are about 10 mg for each serving, which is enough for a mild buzz, but won’ get you super stoned either. 

How do they work? 

This is something that’s pretty simple to use. 

Take a moment and life your tongue up. You’ll see what’s called oral mucosa. This is the soft part of the tissue lining which has epithelial cells along with connected tissue that sit right above the capillaries. These differ structures are a part of the circulation of the body. 

THC is lipophilic which means it’s fat loving, and it passes easily into your capillaries, which offers chemical entry, along with circulation that’s systemic. 

This molecule than passes into your blood brain barrier, and then binds directly to your CB1 receptors, which then increases dopamine and then contributes to the high you want. 

How long do these take to kick in? 

The cool thing about this is that unlike edibles, this doesn’t need to go into the digestive tract to work, but the effects are instant. 

It goes right into the bloodstream, whisking itself away directly into your rectors, which is where psych activity begins. 

You put this under your tongue, and you’ll feel it immediately, with the experience lasting you at about 2-3 hours or so, with the peak at around 30 or so minutes, and then a small floating back down. 

The Benefits 

There are plenty of benefits of this for many people. 

First, they’re simple to use. It doesn’t require a grinder or even baking or making anything to use this. You just remove, place it under the tongue, and then start. 

There is also no mess or anything that comes with using extracts and tinctures. They are simple to use, and you can even use this while doing other things without the mess. 

This also offers instant effects similar to smoking and vaping, where the psychotropics are put directly into the bloodstream, just like how vaping and smoking is. You won’t have to waste time for it to finally give you a high, but instead in a few minutes you’ll finally be high as a cloud. 

Finally, it offers a high that’s well, tolerable. Edibles can be very strong in terms of an effect, and sometimes it’s a bit too much. These THC strips are a tolerable amount, which means that you’re not dealing with something that’s so excessive you can’t handle it.  This is similar to smoking a little bit, but also isn’t going to make you super stoned. 

Finally, the dosing is accurate. It’s something simple, and it lets you ingest and hit the right amount that you need with the right level of accuracy, which is a benefit that most people don’t mind having as well, which makes them good for you. 

For many people, it can be really good, and it can help you get the high that you want, without the effects that come with consumption. 

Thursday 4 January 2018

Anandamide and the THC Relationship

Anandamide is a chemical that’s in your endocannabinoid system.  Deriving from the word in Sanskrit meaning happiness or bliss, this is a molecule with powerful effects and only occurs in small amounts in the world naturally. 

For those who have an endocannabinoid deficiency, this is something which can possibly help with this. 

A Bit more on Anandamide 

While the name may mean happiness or bliss, it’s not always something that’s good. 

There are people who have too much anandamide, which is an overstimulation of your CB1 receptor, which results in possible diseases including obesity. 

It also isn’t water-soluble, so I needs to be broken down with the FAAH enzymes. 

However, this is something that’s produced in a natural sense, and isn’t capable of creating a high that’s noticeable, but it’s responsible for euphoria and bliss, along with elation too. 

Homeostasis and anandamide 

There is some evidence that says it plays a role in homeostasis, including keeping the body temperature properly regulated, and it does regulate the whole body. 

It also helps with the reward receptors, which means that you’re able to have a better choice on what you choose to have. This is similar to how dopamine works too. 

How Phyto cannabinoids play a role in this 

Phyto cannabinoids are cannabinoids in the plant, and these are part of the cannabis plant. 

There are at least 113 of them, but we don’t know all of them, but they interact with your body and have different effects. 

How does anandamide work with THC though. THC is one of the most well-known kinds of chemicals, and it interacts with your CB1 and 2 receptors directly, so in a sense, it works the same way that anandamide does, binding to the receptors, and in a way, it’s basically a large concentration of this. 

THC is very versatile as well, since it can work with the receptors to properly regulate everything. 

The enzymes can break down the anandamide, but it’s less common in THC, which is why the THC high lasts a lot longer, and the anandamide high is a lot more short lived though. 

What about CBD 

CBD is very different from THC, since it’s got no affinity to this, and it actually limits the uptake of these receptors, which is why it counteracts the affects you see in THC

But this also inhibits your body’s production of FAAH along with the MAGL enzymes that break down anandamide. It actually increases the anandamide concentration in these receptors, meaning there’s a lot more there before. 

While THC floods the body with this, the CBD gives a more direct connection to anandamide and its potential itself. 

The Therapeutic potential. 

There is a lot that can work here with this, but the problem is that cannabis legislation is still slacking. However, CBD is being studied a lot more since it is not psychotropic and is much more versatile too. 

This actually can help with those who have addiction too, since it’s not as easily broken down due to the inhibiting aspects of CBD, so that means that there is a lot less sever withdrawals in this, so it can possibly help with addiction. 

Cannabis may also help as well with the inflammatory response, since endocannabinoids actually reduce the markers and also help reduce the inflammatory response as well. 

Finally, it helps with neuroprotection since it can protect the body against neurodegenerative disease, and it can actually help reduce apoptosis, which is the programmed cellular death. 

Overall, there re a lot of potential changes that can be found, and a ton of benefit.

Marijuana Vs. Hemp CBD

CBD is something that’s naturally occurring in marijuana, with the only difference being the main amounts of THC that each of these plants h...