Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Top Trends In Sustainable Packaging

Every trend in the packaging industry remains under the heavy influence of the circular economy. In the European Union, packaging trends change due to political pressure and consumer perception. The matter of fact is that even China is closing its doors to packaging wastes. Many environmental groups are teaming up to discourage the production of plastic packaging materials to help control ocean pollution.

With the balance of the packaging industry tilting towards sustainability, it became inevitable for companies to focus on distancing away from any packaging practices proven to harm the environment.

That said, we will now discuss top sustainable packaging trends.

Designing for recycling

More recycling is a significant development. Before you can use recyclable packaging, you have to make sure that you do not end up harming your economy while saving the environment. To make packaging recycling a truly beneficial process for your business, you have to fulfill a list of requirements, including cleanliness, separability, labeling, and coloration. Manufacturing and use of these materials require the consumption of more materials and energy. However, it still gets half of the job done since the remaining recycling procedure involves the use of machinery. Designing for recycling is undoubtedly a future-proof initiative.

Designing for reuse

If you focus on the current consumer mindset, you will know that reuse may prove more difficult to envision compared to recycling. A significant part of this strategy required manufacturing companies to move away from the current way of handling packages. They may also need to use more robust packaging materials that can withstand sterilization or washing. There is also the need to establish a well-designed infrastructure to collect, clean, refill, and return packaging to customers.

A prominent example is the Loop Initiative that remains one of the ideal packaging models for cosmetics and personal care brands. Food and retail industries are also using this model to use and reuse packaging materials.

Replacing plastics with bioplastics

The trend of the use of bioplastics in place of fossil-based plastics is on the rise. While people usually equate bioplastics with biodegradable and compostable packaging materials, they may not be either of those. Bioplastic is an interesting alternative to plastic due to its smaller carbon footprints, but using it will increase acidification, water footprint, and other environmental impacts. It is worth remembering that using bioplastic can alleviate the problem but not solve it. Whales and other marine life will still be at the risk of choking after ingesting bioplastic.

The supply issue is also a significant problem when it comes to replacing fossil-based plastics with bioplastics. To replace plastics completely with bioplastics, you have to increase the agricultural production of sugarcane and other feedstock. With agricultural production already hitting the limits with the available lands, deforestation remains the only option to enhance this production. That would impact the environment even more severely.

Replacing plastics with paper

Although paper seems a more viable alternative to plastic in the packaging industry, available data suggest that shifting to paper packaging will require the use of more paper mass to secure every package. That may result in the paper having an even more significant impact on the environment compared to plastics. It will also result in deforestation, which means the earth's atmosphere may become more hostile.

The best way to keep your packaging sustainable is to plan and strategize based on available data from the packaging industry. You will have to know the impact of every material on the environment. You can also discuss these details with your packaging vendor to get the best suggestion.

Thursday, 4 January 2018

Top E-Commerce Packaging Design Trends

Getting your order delivered to your doorstep is a moment of excitement. Although you know what’s inside, you are still enthused to remove layers of packaging materials to uncover the product. You may notice the WOW factor associated with the unpacking process. That is mainly due to the attractiveness of the packaging materials used.

If you are a packaging designer, you will have to think about whether your packaging offers that WOW factor. According to a recent survey, about 80% of shoppers said their buying decisions depended significantly on packaging innovation and practicality.

We will discuss some top e-commerce packaging trends here to help you keep up with the market competition.


According to an announcement by McDonald’s Corporation in January 2018, 100% of their customer packaging consists of recycled, renewable, or certified packaging materials.

Another way e-commerce brands can increase packaging sustainability is to use second-life packaging. This packaging can be repurposed and is popular among people who care for the environment.

Plastic reduction

Although it is impossible to eliminate plastics from the packaging industry, there is an increased demand from customers and manufacturers to use alternative materials. State governments and municipalities across the world have started banning plastic packaging products.

The flexibility and durability of plastics are hard to deny. However, the trend of avoiding the use of plastics is on the rise. The most prominent example of it is the replacement of disposable carbon black food trays with paperboard counterparts.

E-Commerce friendly packaging

Online merchants remain concerned about shipping costs, which tend to eat away profit margins. That is why e-commerce businesses look for new ways to reduce their shipping costs while making sure that their products remain safe during transit.

E-commerce-friendly packaging is a specific term used for the packaging solution that helps keep shipping costs under control. This packaging concept essentially involves the use of custom packaging boxes that eliminate the need for excessive cushioning supplies. At the same time, this packaging method encourages the use of all materials necessary to ensure the protection of products during shipping.

This packaging method uses outer packaging that is branded, lighter, more compact, and economical.

Box as a vital marketing channel

The concept of using packaging layers for product and brand marketing has encouraged manufacturers and marketers to use previously wasted spaces to promote their brands.

According to a study, about 85% of consumers consider the brand image on product packaging as a significant driving factor in the purchasing process. About 68% of consumers say that branding on a product packaging tends to make the brand more upscale.

Remember, every box your dispatch to your customer is your brand ambassador. While the concept of saving money by shipping generic brown boxes seems more tempting, bearing a small expense of shipping labels and branded stickers can help you in the long term.

Clean and simple design

The concepts of minimalism and white space have shown clutter and complicated designs a way out. Some brands may opt for busy designs to convey their brand messages, but that might be a reason for consumers to get confused. Hard to read and understand brand messages will only frustrate your buyers.

Friday, 26 May 2017

My Love of Baking

I have always loved baking from a very young age. I grew up watching my mom in the kitchen; she loved to bake cakes, pies, cookies, and all other sorts of sweet treats. It was an extremely important part of my childhood and has shaped my adult life as I’ve grown up. Baking is something fun I could do with my mom and siblings and always yielded a sweet reward. Baking relaxes me and can help me de-stress after a long day. My mom always told me that baking is how she best bonded with her mother, my grandmother and that some of our family recipes have been passed down by generations of bakers before us. This historical aspect of baking is also very interesting to me, and it is comforting to know that baking is how my family has bonded for centuries. 

I used to help my mom in the kitchen whenever I could. Sometimes I had to stand on cardboard boxes in order to reach the stovetop and stir the caramel that’s being boiled or the sugar that is melting in the pan. My mom was always adamant that we bake from scratch, not using any pre-made mix or recipe box. My favorite thing that we made was always chocolate chip brownies. They are a sweet treat that combines the best part of chocolate chip cookies with the best part of brownies. As Hannah Montanna would say, it is truly the best of both worlds. 

As I’ve gotten older, I have become much more aware of the things that I bake with and have concocted my own baking style. I still very much enjoy baking with friends and family, but there is something special about venturing into a new recipe on your own and discovering something new. After a long work week, it’s great to spend a Saturday afternoon baking something that I enjoy as a way to relax. I absolutely love the Great British Baking Show on Netflix. I spend countless hours watching through all the seasons during COVID19 lockdown, and it has definitely fed my passion for baking and the enjoyment that it brings.

The British Baking Show is special because it is a great display of skill required for elegant, tasteful baking; additionally, the show is light-hearted and funny, and all together grounded in reality. American baking shows are awful for several reasons. The baking shows I have seen include too much drama and what appears to be scripted content. The contestants are so competitive towards each other and oftentimes fight against each other. The judges on American baking shows are rude and about as expressive as the face of the backside of a donkey. On the Great British Baking Show, the contestants are lovely and personable people. The judges, Paul Hollywood and Prue (I’m forgetting her last name), are firm yet fair and reasonable. They are not out to embarrass anyone or prove a point, and they do their job well.

Baking is something that I am really passionate about and enjoy doing with friends and family. I also enjoy giving my baked goods as gifts to people I know or bringing them to work in cardboard boxes to share with my coworkers. That way, other people can enjoy my passion for baking as well!

Top Trends In Sustainable Packaging

Every trend in the packaging industry remains under the heavy influence of the circular economy. In the European Union, packaging trends ch...